Coronavirus: general measures

In Leuven the following measures, aimed at curbing the coronavirus, are applicable:

6 basic rules to protect yourself and others

  1. Limit your social contacts outside of your household to a minimum.
  2. Keep a 1.5 meters’ distance with all other persons. Wear a mouth mask whenever the safety distance is difficult to keep.
  3. Follow the hygiene rules:
    • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
    • Do not shake hands or kiss when you greet someone.
    • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  4. When doing any kind of outdoor activity in group: only groups of a maximum of 4 persons at the same time are allowed.
  5. Do as much as possible in the open air. If this is not possible: always ventilate your indoor location well.
  6. Double the attention to safety with people susceptible to the coronavirus:
    • People aged over 65
    • People with diabetes, cardiac, kidney or pulmonary problems
    • People who are particularly susceptible to infections

Vaccination in Brabanthal

Who will receive the vaccine in Brabanthal? How can you get there? What do you need to bring?

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Where is a mouth mask mandatory?

  • In places where it is impossible to keep 1.5 metres distance.
  • In some places wearing a mouth mask is mandatory.
  • From the age of 13 it is mandatory to always have a mouth mask with you in Leuven.

Services from the city

    In need of assistance?

    The City will help your via the 'Leuven Helpt' platform.
    Inform us.

    City office counters

    • The counters are open. 
    • At city counters in other locations it is mandatory from the age of 13 wear a mouth mask.

    Police offices

    • The offices at Philipssite and Grote Markt (appointment only) are open.
    • All other police offices are closed.

    Sports facilities

    • The city’s outdoor sports facilities are open.
    • The city’s indoor sports complexes are only open for for children up to 12 years of age.
    • Swimming pools are open.
    • Changing rooms and canteens remain closed.
    Certain measures have to be observed. There are specific measures for schools and professional sports.

    Cultural centres

    30 CC/Schouwburg, 30CC/Minnepoort, 30CC/Wagehuys, Het Depot, STUK … are closed.

    Neighbourhood centers

    The neighbourhood centers are open, but subject to certain conditions.

    City Hall

    Contact with others

    Close contacts

    You can have 1 close contact, in addition to your household members.

    • You are allowed to invite this one person to your home.
    • Singles living alone can have one extra close physical contact.
    • Never invite more than 1 person at a time.

    What is a close contact?

    • Less than 1.5 meters’ distance.
    • Without wearing a mouth mask.

    Other contacts

    With all other persons:

    • Always observe a 1.5 meters’ safety distance.
    • Only meet in the open air.
    Attention: Only groups of a maximum of 4 persons are allowed in public areas.


    • Do not leave your home from midnight (0:00) to 5:00 in the morning, unless for medical reasons or work.
    • Drinking alcohol in public areas is prohibited after 22:00.

    Sports and leisure

    Children up to 12 years old

    Organized activities are allowed:

    • Indoor and outdoor activities, but preferably outdoor
      • For clubs and youth movements: indoor activities are only allowed if said activities cannot take place outdoors and after official approval by the City ( or 
      • Maximum of 10 children, supervisors not included.
      • Spectators during sports training: max. 1 person per child 
      • Supervisors wear a mouth mask.
    • There is a limitation to 1 extracurricular activity/hobby per child. E.g. music lessons, scouts, swimming ...
    • Groups may not be mixed. Competitions with participants from different clubs are not allowed.
    • Changing rooms and canteens remain closed.
    • Camps during Easter holidays:
      • May only take place outside.
      • Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 children, supervisors not included.
      • The supervisor wears a mouth mask.
      • Overnight stays are not allowed.

    Teenagers between 13 and 18 years old

    Organized activities are allowed:

    • Outdoor only
    • There is a limitation to 1 extracurricular activity or hobby per youngster. E.g. football, scouts ...
    • Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 youngsters. 
    • Groups may not be mixed. Competitions with participants from different clubs are not allowed.
    • Everyone wears a mouth mask, except during intensive exercise. Supervisors always wear a mouth mask.
    • Camps during Easter holidays:
      • Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 youngsters, supervisors not included.
      • The supervisor wears a mouth mask.
      • Overnight stays are not allowed.

    Everybody else

    • You can exercise outside:
      • Each group is limited to a maximum of 4 persons.
      • Always observe a 1.5 meters’ safety distance.
    • Swimming pools are open:
      • For individual swimmers: after reservation only (1 swimmer per m²)
      • For primary and secondary schools
      • For clubs:
        • For swimmers up to the age of 18: max. 4 persons
        • For swimmers over 18 years old:
          • Supervisor included
          • With 1.5 meters’ safety distance
        • Only after official approval by the City (
      • Recreational zones in swimming pools (e.g. slides, saunas …) are closed. Only the recreation zone of Sportoase Wilsele-Putkapel remains open.
      • Changing rooms and showers are open, but you must follow the walking lines and can only take a short shower.
    • Fitness centres are closed.
    • Theatres, cinemas, concert halls and cultural centres are closed.
    • Professional activities and sociocultural activities are cancelled.
    • Guided tours are not allowed.
    • Indoor playgrounds, bowling alleys … are closed.

    Events, parties and gatherings

    • All events are cancelled.
    • Weddings and worship services
      • Are allowed with a maximum of 15 persons.
      • Wearing a mouth mask and observing the 1.5 meters’ safety distance are compulsory.
      • It is not allowed to offer meals or beverages.
      • Places of worship are open
    • Funerals are allowed:
      • With a maximum of 50 persons
      • 1 person per 10 m²
      • It is not allowed to offer meals or beverages.
    • Party- and reception halls, discos and dancings are closed.

    Shopping, bars, restaurants and companies


    How crowded are Leuven’s shopping streets at the moment?

    Check the status of Leuven’s shopping streets before you leave home.

    Essential stores

    • Are open (no appointment necessary)

    Non-essential stores

    • Can only receive customers by appointment
    • Number of customers allowed in at the same time: depends on the size of the store and is maximum 50
    • Home and click-and-collect deliveries are still possible, provided there is no physical contact and no entry into the retail space.

    In the stores

    • You can shop alone or with 1 family member. 
    • A mouth mask is mandatory for everyone from the age of 13. Where is a mouth mask mandatory in Leuven?
    • The number of visitors is limited per shop. It's possible that you have to wait outside. Always keep your distance when waiting in a queue.
    • It is not allowed to sell alcohol after 20:00.

    Bars and restaurants

    • Bars and restaurants are closed, provisionally until 30 April 2021.
    • Take-away restaurants can remain open until 22:00. Consumption on site is not allowed, this also includes the private parking (in a caravan, mobile home, on a terrace ...) or any other equipped location (e.g. chalet).
    • Selling alcohol is prohibited:
      • After 20:00
      • When not accompanying a meal
      • Only in closed packaging
    • Cafeterias, canteens and lobbies of cultural and sports organisations are closed as well. 


    • Are open.
    • Food and beverages must be offered as a room service.
    • Selling alcohol after 20:00 is prohibited.


    • Weekly markets are allowed to take place:
      • Maximum time span for visitors/customers is 30 minutes.
      • Only individual visitors are allowed.
      • It is not allowed to eat or drink on site.
      • Mouth masks are mandatory for everyone from the age of 13.
      • Follow the arrows on the ground (one-way traffic) and keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others.
    • The Saturday market temporarily moves to Ladeuze square.
    • Flea markets are not allowed.


    • Non-medical contact professions are closed: hairdressers, beauticians, tattoo shops, hand and foot carers, massage salons ...
    • Photographers can work inside, with 1 client per 10 m².
    • Private saunas are open only for use by people living under the same roof. Jacuzzis, steam cabins and hammams may not be used.
    • Door-to-door activities are not allowed (e.g. Jehovah, sales ...). Home deliveries are allowed.
    • Gambling offices are closed.


    • Working from home is mandatory.
    • If this is not possible, all safety measures must be observed.


    Classes will resume on Monday, 19 April 2021.


    Public transport

    • Mouth masks are compulsory for all travellers (13 year old and older). They must wear their mouth mask from the moment they enter a station or bus stop.
    • Follow the directions (such as 1.5 meters distance between people ...)
    • The free shuttle buses at 'Parking Vaartkom' and 'Parking Wetenschapspark Arenberg' do not run.
    • On the train to tourist destinations you can only sit at the window on weekends and during holidays. Exceptions for children up to and including 12 years.


    • 1.5 meters distance between people, except for family members living together.
    • Mouth masks are mandatory.

    Student rooms

    You are allowed to reside in your student room. Inform yourself on your  landlord’s instructions concerning the coronavirus measures. These may be stricter than the measures below:

    Mouth masks and safety distance

    Wear a mouth mask in your residence unless you are alone in your room or when eating. Observe the safety distance of 1.5 meters at all time.

    Shared kitchens

    • Maximum 50% of residents are allowed in the kitchen at the same time.
    • Limit contact with co-residents as much as possible.

    Close contact visiting

    • One close contact per person is allowed, but must remain in your private room.
    • This person must wear a mouth mask when arriving or leaving.

    Shared gardens

    In the open air you are allowed to be in a group of maximum 4 persons. The 1.5 meters safety distance must be observed.

    Student activities

    Only online activities are allowed.

    Tests, quarantine and vaccination

    Students can find all information about tests, contact tracing, quarantine and vaccination at

    Testing and quarantine

    What should you do if you have symptoms of COVID-19? Or if you had a close contact with an infected person? Or if you are returning from a red zone?

    Read more on testing and quarantine


    Questions about the measures the city takes

    General questions about the coronavirus in Belgium

    The federal government shares official, verified and up-to-date information: