Moving abroad

If you go abroad for more than one year (to live, travel, work, study, etc.), you have to let the city know.


At the latest one day before you leave.

Who can inform the city?

  • Anyone aged 18 or over can register their move themselves.
  • Parents or guardians must inform the city that their children under 18 years of age are moving abroad. If one of the parents is not moving abroad too, they must give written authorisation (the signature must be legalised) or come with you to arrange the change of address abroad.
  • Parents and their children (aged over 18) may report the move for each other. To do so they must be living at the same address. They must bring the identity cards with PIN and PUK codes of all the family members.
AttentionDoes not apply to non-Belgians moving abroad. They must de-register from the city.

How do you register it?

Report your move abroad

(only for Belgians and if both parents are moving too)

Prefer not to report it online?
Contact the population counter:

City office

Population counter

Professor Van Overstraetenplein 1
3000 Leuven


Free of charge.

Moving abroad for less than one year

Are you staying abroad for more than three months, but planning to return within a year? If so, you may be eligible to report your temporary absence and not have to change your address.

  1. Send an e-mail to to find out if you meet the requirements.
  2. If you meet the requirements, you can report your temporary absence.
  3. Report your return to the city.

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