Sorting streets

In some streets, we don’t collect household waste from outside your home. Instead, you bring it to the sorting street yourself. You need an access card for this. 

How does a sorting street work?

A sorting street consists of underground containers for:

  • Household waste
  • GFT
  • PMD
  • Paper and cardboard

Above ground there are chutes with a lid.

  • Open the lid with your access card.
  • You do not need rubbish bags from the city.
  • You may only throw GFT into the container in a biodegradable bag.
  • Only use the sorting street between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. to avoid disturbing your neighbours’ sleep.

Technical problems?
The sorting streets are managed by EcoWerf.
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In which streets is there a sorting street?

View the list of sorting streets

Who is allowed to use a sorting street?

Anyone with an access card. Your address determines if you have to use it.

How do you request an access card?

After moving house

Have you just moved house? After you have submitted your change of address, the district police officer will come by to check whether you live at that address. You will then automatically receive an EcoWerf access card by post. You do not need to request it yourself.

Do you need access urgently?

Do you need access sooner? Then you can request an access card yourself.
Request access card

Second home

Is the residence a second home? Then you request an access card for the residents yourself.
Request access card


Access card

  • First access card: Free of charge
  • As from the second access card: €5
  • Replacement of access card: €5

Management costs

  • Private individual: €3.23 per month
  • Social district and high-rise buildings: €1.77 per month
  • SME: €6.46 per month


  • Paper and cardboard: Free of charge
  • PMD: Free of charge
  • Residual waste and GFT: There are 2 systems.
    • Price per weight (standard)
      • Residual waste: €0.30 per kg
      • GFT: €0.20 per kg
    • Price by volume (old system)
      Some sorting streets still work with a price per volume. This system is still being adapted.
      • Residual waste
        • 30 litres: €1.13
        • 60 litres: €2.25
      • GFT
        • 10 litres: €0.17
        • 20 litres: €0.33
        • 30 litres: €0.50

Payment is made via EcoWerf.

  • You pay an amount of €50 in advance onto the DifTar account. Residents of social districts and social high-rise districts pay €25.
  • As soon as the available amount is less than €10, you will receive a new payment invitation.
  • The access card will no longer work if the available amount is less than €0.

Is your access card lost, stolen or damaged?

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