Bottle banks

Glass waste is not collected at home. There are bottle banks in the city where you can deposit transparent glass bottles, jars and flasks.

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When can you take glass to a bottle bank?

You can take glass to a bottle bank between 7 am and 7 pm (not on Sundays and public holidays).

How to deposit glass bottles

  • Completely empty
  • No lids or caps
  • Sorted according to colour
AttentionDon’t leave anything behind around the bottle bank. Illegal dumping is punishable.

What about other glass waste?

  • Glass sheets (e.g. mirrors and window panes)
    To the recycling centre (against payment)
  • Light bulbs
    To the recycling centre (small hazardous waste (SHW), free of charge)
  • Medicine bottles
    To the recycling centre (small hazardous waste (SHW), free of charge) or to the pharmacist (free of charge)
  • Heat resistant glass (e.g. baking dish, Pyrex dishes and baking trays, opal glass and crystal)
    To the recycling centre (reusable goods or bulky refuse, against payment).

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