Extract from the criminal record

Certificate of good conduct (formerly known as: ‘certificate of good moral conduct’). You can request the document online.

Where to request this?

Different types: which extract do you need?

There are different types of extracts. When you request the document, clearly state the purpose for which you need it.

  • Model 595
    General model, suitable for most requests.
  • Model 596.1
    Used for 36 specific purposes, with legally imposed conditions. You cannot deviate from this list.
  • Model 596.2
    Used for contacts with minors.
  • Model 593
    You only need this model to apply to the court for rehabilitation. Do not give this model to any other organisation.

How to request?

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Request criminal record (only in Dutch)

Need help?
You can request the extract online on of the computers at the city office (do-it-yourself counter). The receptionists will be happy to help you.

Request the extract for someone else

You can give a proxy to someone else, so they can request the extract for you.

Bring the completed proxy form and (a copy of) the identity card of the person you are requesting an extract for.

When will you receive the extract?

Online request

  • In case of a secure request (with electronic identity card, digital key, itsme or a mobile app),
    • you will usually receive the document immediately in your mailbox.
    • For model 596.2 (contacts with minors), it usually takes a few days.
  • If you did not make a secure request (without an electronic identity card, digital key, itsme or a mobile app),
    • you will receive a hyperlink through which you can have the extract sent to your official address by post.
  • You will receive an e-mail once the request has been processed.

Request at the city office

  • You get an extract immediately.
  • The extract will also be sent to your ebox.


The extract is free of charge

Extract in another language

The extract will be issued in Dutch. If you need it in another language, you will have to hire a sworn translator.

You can also request a translation document for EU countries together with the extract from the A-counter. This is then added to the extract (in Dutch) in the desired language of the country.


  • You are Belgian.
  • Your extract is blank.
  • The extract is intended for use in an EU country (not in Belgium).

Legalisation and apostille

Some extracts for use abroad need a legalisation of the signature and/or apostille by the FPS Foreign Affairs.

How to request?

  • Requested the extract online
    1. Send us an e-mail to let us know that you need a legalisation and/or apostille and for which country.
    2. We will send the extract to the FPS Foreign Affairs.
    3. The FPS Foreign Affairs will e-mail you about further processing.
  • Requested the extract at the city office
    We cannot send the extract to the FPS Foreign Affairs.
    You should visit the FPS Foreign Affairs yourself.


You can find more information on the FPS Justice website.

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