Residence of Ukrainians who had to flee their country

Are you a Ukrainian national, a family member of a Ukrainian or a recognised refugee in Ukraine? Did you flee the country because of the war and are you residing in Leuven? Then you must go through a number of steps to register yourself in the city registry.


Step 1: Registration with the federal authorities in Brussels

You apply for temporary protection status.

How to apply?

You register at the registration centre in Brussels.

What happens next?

  1. The federal authorities will investigate whether you can obtain the temporary protection status.
  2. After a positive decision, the federal authorities will issue you with a temporary protection certificate.

Step 2: Registration long stay with the city of Leuven

Have you received the temporary protection certificate and are you residing in Leuven? Then register yourself with the city.

How to register?

You come to the City Office, by appointment. You will immediately receive confirmation of your registration (an ‘annex 15’).

Make an appointment

What do you need to bring?

  • Proof of identity
  • Temporary protection certificate
  • Rental contract (if you have one) or residential address (full address in Leuven, including any ‘busnummer’ (flat/room number) )
  • 1 passport-size photo, no more than 6 months old. Pay attention to the requirements (Dutch only).
    There is a photo booth in the city office.
You must present the original documents. Documents which you have received digitally yourself, must be printed in colour (you may not show them on your smartphone).

What happens after your appointment?

  1. The local police officer will pass by to check whether you actually reside at the address which you provided.
  2. After the police officer has confirmed your address, we will invite you to apply for a residence permit (valid until 4 March 2023).

Renewal of stay

The temporary protection status of Ukrainians has been extended until 4 March 2024.

Who is entitled to the renewal?

  • You have temporary protection status
  • You have an electronic residence card which is valid until 4 March 2023
  • You reside in Leuven

Have you moved to another municipality in the meantime? Then you must contact them.

When can your stay be extended?

At the earliest on 4 January 2023.

From the end of December 2022 onwards, the city of Leuven (non-Belgians office) will invite all Ukrainians with a temporary residence status to apply for a new residence card.

You must wait for your invitation. If you still haven't received any letter in February, you can contact us at that time.

Residence card application after invitation

You make an appointment when you have received an invitation letter.

Make an appointment for application

What do you need to bring?

  • National passport or other proof of identity
  • Current residence card
  • Invitation from the city office
  • 1 passport-size photo (no more than 6 months old). Pay attention to the requirements (Dutch only).
    There is a photo booth in the city office.
  • Money: you can pay using cash or a debit/credit card


  • Normal procedure
  • Expedited procedure
    If the application is submitted before 2 pm, delivery the following working day: € 110

Reporting a change of address

Are you temporarily staying with a host family or in emergency accommodation? Then it is important to report your change of address as soon as possible after you have moved to a permanent address. This way we can always contact you.

  • Are you moving within Leuven?
    Report your move online
  • Are you moving to another Belgian municipality?
    Contact the municipality where you are going to reside.

Travelling abroad

Do you want to travel abroad during your stay in Belgium? Make sure that you have a valid passport at all times. The Belgian residence permit is not sufficient for travel, it only proves that you are legally residing in Belgium.

Temporary or permanent departure from Belgium

Ukrainian driving license

  • If you have the “temporary protection” status
    • You do not need to exchange your Ukrainian driving licence to drive in Belgium. Your Ukrainian driving licence is valid for the duration of the “temporary protection” status. This has been the case since 18 July 2022 (European decision).
    • Exceptions:
      Make an appointment if
  • If you do not have the “temporary protection” status
    Your Ukrainian driving licence is valid in Belgium for the first 185 days after your registration in Belgium. To be able to keep on driving in Belgium after that, you must exchange your Ukrainian driving licence for a European driving licence.
Given the complexity, we strongly recommend always making an appointment at our office. That way, we can examine your file in detail and advise you correctly.
Will your status change in the future? Then it is important to make an appointment before this change in status takes place.

Would you like more information or do you have questions?

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